How to access the attachments from attachments objects that are .msg type of object and are emails themselves?

Hello All,
I have a need to process outlook attachments that are outlook messages themselves and contain attachments like .pdf, .csv, etc. The Get Outlook Mail messages activity of course gets me a list of MailMessage objects which each have attachment collections. Accessing the attachment collection at a specific index - gets me the attachment object - which can actually be another mail message - which generally contains a pdf or some other attachment. Saving the attachments to a folder still saves file as a .msg or outlook item. How do I get at the attachments from there? Any ideas?

This solution helped someone in the past.


Is it possible without help of VBS

i.e - Any function or method within UI path which can do this without using VBs. The reason is our project we cannot allow external script. Do let me if it is possible