Fetch Email Details from saved Attachments

I have to fetch below details about the attachments that I have saved from the Email in a particular location on the drive:

  1. Author (Incase of PDF documents)
  2. Email Sender (Incase of Emails)
  3. Received Date and Time (Incase of Emails)

As these are attachments that are saved in a folder, I am trying to understand how can I fetch details from these saved attachments. Location of saved attachments is - “C:\CRM_Documents\DateTime Folder\”

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The PDF quality in attachment is good?

If yes use read pdf, see similarities of how author’s name is in PDF,
For time and sender that’s an easy part :slight_smile:

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Thanks Shubham, can you tell me how to fetch time and sender from Emails saved at a particular file location?

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The Authors Name is not mentioned in PDF, and I think that cant be doable as like Office documents (doc, ppt, xlsx) PDF files donot have Authors stored in their file details. So not sure if its going to be possible.


The value needs to be extracted at the time we download the attachment from email!!!


mail.sender.Address for sender’s address
mail.Headers(“Date”) for date of the email

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Resolved this issue by executing this vbs file attached.EmailDetails.zip (404 Bytes)

And using the activity - Execute VBScript within UiPath.
This VBS helps access all the details within an email attachment saved to a particular location.

Takes argument of the attachment location (from which details needs to be fetched, bear in mind - this only covers attachment types which are emails)
Please let me know if you need any more details onto this

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