How to access mail without being logged in

Hello how can i extract pdf / mail from a outlook account that i am not logged into on my pc. ( I do have the credentials )

you can try to get mails with the IMAP or Exchange Activity.

But you need the password for the Emailaccount.

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hm i have added the information to the get imap activity, but its just timing out :S

Used the port 993 as server
and its accepted on settings inside outlook

I ask only for the sake of completeness, but mail and password you have entered.

Have you checked whether the port is also released by IT for retrieval via IMAP?

The credentials are correct. I assume since we do have tenant within our firm it might be some restrictions there

Ask IT (if you don’t belong to them :wink: ) if the port is released or redirected to an alternative port. Maybe the request is also blocked by the firewall.

If all this is not so, you can then maybe a screenshot times, maybe I see what you may have forgotten.

But TimeOut indicates in my experience mostly that you do not come from your machine to the target address.

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Yh will check the info about the port :slight_smile:

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