Access the email with username and password

I have an email that I access from with my username and password.

Are there any activity that I can access my email using just the username and password, without having to configure anything else?


If you have the Outlook desktop app installed, you could use the Outlook activities. That wouldn’t require anything but the account. However, as it sounds like you use a browser to access this account, I’m unsure of if that works for you.

I’m unaware of any other activities that wouldn’t require server and port. Is there a reason you don’t want to use the server and port for this activity?

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Check out this video from Anders Jensen.

UiPath | How to use Get Credential and Type Secure Text | Tutorial - YouTube

Hi @joao.ricardo,

As @BenZee mentioned, you can use below Outlook activities which will only require your username and password.

Apart from this, you can also use below package but this will require app registration and api permissions setup.



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If you have your outlook configured in your machine then we can directly use GET OUTLOOK MAIL activity which doesn’t need even your username and password


If you machine is not configured with outlook provided you have the username and password then use EXCHANGE ACTIVITIES
Where you can just pass the credentials and access the mail box in outlook

Have a look on these threads on how to use exchange activity

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Please follow the below steps!

step1:- Start
step2:- Credential Manager
step3:- If Outlook installed in your pc choose Windows credentials else choose Web Credentials
step4:- Add a window credentials. Here you need to enter the URL.
step5:-Then your UserName
step6:- Enter your Password
step7:- click OK.

Then use these credentials.


How can i find the server and domain? because it has Domain and Server parameters in Exchange Scope


Is there a reason you are avoiding the SMTP activities? If you use Send SMTP, for example, you can just use your email and password, and then use the port and server as given by Microsoft (Ie. for Outlook email - Server: - Port: 587 - Encryption: STARTTLS).

Thanks for all answers! In my case, i receive a specific server and port and works!

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