Logs extraction through Open AI

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I am new to Ui Path and trying to explore an option using open AI & Python to fetch the logs data from Ui Path. I tried to get the information from community but unable to do.

Can someone guide me the possibilities of doing that?



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Not sure what you are using open AI for…

But you have orchestrator api’s which can be called from python and get the logs

For details on api please check this


<orchestratorurl>/swagger/index.html will give the api swagger file which would have more info


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Hi @shan.3 - Welcome to UiPath Community

What you need basically is UiPath + OpenAI integration service configuration

Generate an API key for OpenAI, put it in the Integration Service Connector within Orchestrator and then you can follow the Swagger docs suggested by @Anil_G mentioned above.

This would be if you want to run and analyze some statistics or extract some insights from Logs from within Process logs

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My idea here is , using open ai to get the input from customer , example they will give project name / robot name and email id , have to extract the logs from UI Path and send it to their email id .


You can create a UiPath app…but yes if you want extenral integrations then can go with it


@Anil_G yes i understand , i am just trying to do a POC with Open Ai + Ui Path , so thought of doing this , Open AI , i can get input from customer ( Project name , email address ) and trying to fetch the log data from Ui Path and planning to send an email to them. If you have any suggestions please add.



As mentioned…

After getting the data…using the orchestrator api you can fetch the log data…the details have already beeen provided to access swagger…do you want to know something else?

More detailed explanation on logs