How to access active directory using RDP connection?

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How can we access the active directory of the machine using RDP connection??

  1. I’m taking machine access using RDP login
  2. I want to access that machine active directory i.e recently logged in machine using RDP
  3. I tried using active directory scope activity

Want to know what parameter value be there in properties

Active directory server: (how to get domain controller sever name)

  1. How to access the active directory of different domain

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have a view on this


@THIRU_NANI I’m already using it

Yes, You’ve already mentioned about it. but please go through the properties. which you’ve already filled.


@THIRU_NANI Could you please answer this below question?

  1. How to access the active directory of different domain ??? Is it possible?

Dear @ovidiuponoran

Kindly help me to get the solution.

I’m working with development machine is in

I’have created workflow to login the another system (This system is in different domain) using remote desktop connection. And I want to access that system AD .

However, I’m able to login to system but getting below error while accessing AD

Active Directory Scope: The server is not operational

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Try this

also have a view on this


@Vrushali_Gave why do you need to RDP into the AD server?
for the 2nd AD domain you can use another AD Scope activity and perform operations on it inside that 2nd Scope.

@andreioros thank for your response

Please find the below workflow image

Is it right way?

@Vrushali_Gave you’re on the right path.

Please take a look at this Active Directory workflow samples:

… and check-out this demo video Automate Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange with UiPath - YouTube

Machine 1 : My development machine is in domain i.e.

Machine 2 : I want to access the AD of the system that machine is in another domain i.e. xyz.local

Uipath stupid and robot are both on machine 1 ( domain )

Now, Can we access the AD from my development machine 1 to machine 2’s AD??

If yes, how can we access it?

If no, what will be the solution to access machine 2 AD ?

@Vrushali_Gave as long as there is network access to the AD server (you can ping the AD from machine1), you should be good - you don’t need to have the dev machine or the robot machine joined to the domain you’re connecting to.

@andreioros Thank you for your response

I don’t have more knowledge about this but could you please explain to me what kind of network you talking?

Should be the both system in same infra network ???
Are they requires internet connection??

But, in my case both the domains are on different networks and there is no internet connectivity on both machine 1 and machine 2