Active Directory(AD) users

Hi, How to do Uipath automation to disable inactive active directory(AD) users?

Try below steps

  1. Install “Uipath.ActiveDirectoryDomainServices.Activities” Package.

  2. Use “Network User Account” this will be used to log on to Active Directory (Username and Password).

  3. Use “Active Directory Server” account (Active Directory Server Details)

  4. Use “Active Directory Scope” Activity(Here you need to give Username and Password and Active Directory Server Details)

  5. All Active Directory Domain Services activities should be under “Active Directory Scope” Activity.

  6. Use “Set User Status” Activity, You can set user status as Disabled,Enable, Unlock.

  7. Use other Active Directory Domain Services activities like “Get Object Distinguished Name”, “Get Object Properties” as per your need.

Thank you so much.

Try at your end if its working as expected, Please mark this as solution.

Hi Karuna,
Do I need to use any Connect activity prior to using Active Directory scope? Can I directly call Active directory scope with logon credentials and server ip address and port?

Yes you can directly call “Active directory scope” with login credentials and AD Server details.

Active Directory Scope → Connects to Active Directory and provides a scope for other active directory activities.

Thank you.

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