How to accept meeting invite in outlook via UiPath

Hi there,

Need help on how to let robot to accept and extract meeting invite and content in Outlook?

  1. accept meeting.
  2. capture meeting start/end time.
  3. capture recipients email address.

we have activities like get calender in uipath @Hoss

Don’t know whether we can accept through activities but we can retrieve time and mail using the activities


hi @HareeshMR where can i get this integrations?

Install this packages in the manage package @Hoss


thank you! is there any sample program to retrieve the meeting info?

But you need the application ID to use those. I will share without the application ID if you want me to @Hoss

You need to register a application in Azure and using that application id, you need to use these activities :slight_smile:

this activities only applicable for Microsoft 365. How about just Microsoft Oulook?

If your outlook is configured in your machine , then the activities can retrieve all the values from the outlook.

Even the outlook is also part of office 365, everything we can do @Hoss

@HareeshMR any sample on how to get the meeting start time info via UIPath?

Even though I share the sample, you need the application ID @Hoss … please get that and I will share the workflow soon

the application ID as in?

application ID is something you will get when you register a new app in the app registrations tab in the Azure portal @Hoss