How to read meeting invite and response mails from outlook

I have a requirement to get meeting invite mails from outlook sent items and extract the to,cc participants and also need to get the meeting response mails from inbox.
I am not able to do this using Get outlook mail message activity since it is not fetching meeting there any other activity to acheive this


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We can achieve this…

  1. Take one Get outlook mail message activity
  2. In the filter provide like this
"[Subject] = 'Invitation:'"
  1. Change the folder to sent-By default it is in Inbox

Take one more Get Outlook mail message activity to get the accepted mails

provide the filter as

"[Subject] = 'Accepted:Invitation'"



Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately it is not working with outlook mail message activity. This activity is currently skipping all meeting related mails. Either if it is a meeting invite or response

This issue is resolved after upgrading the mail activities package but we were facing issues in forwarding meeting mails. Hence we are using office 365 outlook [activities] for our requirement

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