Get Outlook Meetings ( Appointements) for a Given Period of Time


Is there any way to Get Outlook Meetings ( Appointments) for a Given Period of Time ?
I have installed some Packages but not helpful.

Thanks In Advance


This is the example I found but didn’t help:


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Hi @hsendel,

Use the custom activity which I am providing here, It will resolve this issue.

OutlookMeetingInvitesActivities. (5.6 KB)

Shiva Karthik

Hi @hsendel

we can do this in our available get outlook mail activity with filter property like this
"[ReceivedTime] >= '06/01/2016' AND [ReceivedTime] <= '06/30/2016 23:59:59'"

like this buddy and hope this would be more reliable rather than going for a new activity
Kindly try this and let know for queries or clarification
one more thing is the date assigned is wrong buddy
where start date should be mentioned in end date and end date should be mentioned in start date
Cheers @hsendel

did that work buddy @hsendel

Hello Palaniyappan,
First of all, what this exentssion stands for and how we can execute it, *.nupkg ?
Second, My query is not for getting the emails in one periode of time, I want to extract the scheduled meetings in a given period, Is the scope clear ?

Hi Again,

I tried to load it in UiPath but not visible in Activities !!!

Any Update ?