How tho use this new for each?

I want to use the new for each activity but Idk how to use it is different than the original
This is the for each

I want to save values that come from the user in the array then print the array and finally delete all the info in the array
Thank you!!!

I have this error
my array is a simple 1,2,3
declared with an assign activity

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Ensure that the typeargument of the for each is set correctly
we assume that the array is an int32 array - so typeargument = int32

Then use within the log message: currentItem.toString

I want to fill that array with values given by the user how the for will be?

Make sure its the proper format. The String in the assign array should be something like:

The braces are what designate a string that’s an array.

we do see a different target as described at the topic top post used for the case description

Do one thing:
provide samples for the input
expected output
clear case description

so it will be taken over for the next support steps

When population of a set of items is needed we would recommend to use list, when no static length are to handle or to expect


From where you are getting the user inputs