What's wrong with using of "for each"?

Please help me to find the mistakes.


Please share your written syntax inside Assign activity.



Can you try to set Int32 at TypeArgument property of ForEach activity?


Hi @herowhite

In assign activity give like this totalnumber+Cint(Currentrow)

In If condition also give like this Cint(Currentrow)>=5

If its not works then

Open the properties of for each activity there is an argument option change the argument to Int32.

Hope it helps!!


Hi @herowhite

Check out the XAML file

Counter.xaml (8.0 KB)


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Hi @herowhite

Check the flow
Remove For each and give again and try

Hope it helps!!

Hi @herowhite

Try this


Hi @herowhite ,

We are assuming the number is set as Array of Integer type.

We can then check again by removing the number from the For Each activity and assigning it again as it should auto detect the instance type (Integer) for the currentItem instance/variable.

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