How this is possible?

My clients uses Attended license and in this license process cannot be run in locked screen.

But I got a break through, i can run attended process in locked scree, and trigger them using task scheduler.

But yet i am very curious how it can be possible ? how Attended process are running in locked screen ?

Any one who can answer ?
@Anil_G @fernando_zuluaga

This should help you out

Hi @prabin_chand1

your process integrate some user interface actions? or it is just background actions like excel, files, etc


You can’t run jobs with the screen locked. There’s no UI for the automation to interact with. The appropriate solution is for them not to lock the screen when running an attended automation, or for them to buy unattended licenses to run jobs unattended on a separate server.

yes sir you are right but, my process is running in locked screen which is interacting with UI

@postwick How is this possible ?

Yes, it is interacting with only UI
@fernando_zuluaga how is this possible ?