Information about actual Accuracy on activities that use Image Recognition

It would be nice to have a way to check how accurate images are being detected on Activities that use Image Recognition (Click Image, Find Image, Image Exists, etc.).

This would make it easier to determine a reasonable value for the Accuracy property of image based activities and could also enable some new ways to work with images, like making decisions based on the detection accuracy.

I liked @DanielMitchell’s suggestion on another topic that this could be made available as an out variable of activities that use image recognition.


  1. If the Accuracy property is set to 0.8, but UiPath always detect the image with 100% of confidence, you could use this information to know how much higher the value could be set.
  2. In the scenario of a recognition fail, you could use this information to determine how lower the Accuracy should be set to have a reliable detection.
  3. Perhaps you need to check files for a certain image. Use an image based activity to get a percentage and then sort: All images that are 30% match or lower are discarded, images 31% - 75% are sent to a folder for human review, images above 75% are a success. This can be simulated now with multiple Find Image activities, but a single match percentage activity would make it cleaner.

Other users might think of even better use cases.

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Vinicius Marques

Hi @viniciussm,
Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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Hi @viniciussm. I’d like to thank you for the suggestion. It’s now included in our backlog and we will consider it for the upcoming releases.

Thank you