How schedule a process to a specific machine?

If I manually Start a job, I can select the machine that I want

However, when trying to schedule (time trigger) a job, I only have an option for the user.

What if I want it to run on a specific machine?

I am using Enterprise Automation Cloud. In a modern folder “Default” which is originally the “Shared” one. I just renamed it.

There should be an option to select a Specific Robot in the trigger…
You can select robots you want to run the process on…

Well there isn’t as confirmed by UiPath support. Cannot target specific machine/robot on Automation Cloud, modern folder.

I think it’s possible. In modern folders robot is a user (kind’a)

Soo. Now on screen you can see that any user is chosen. If you have some users with unattended robot created, you can choose them.

What sort of license you have.
Is it a a named user or attended named user or non prod or unattended.
Based on license, when you create a robot and assign it to a username in case of specific named licenses or to a machine.

Assuming you have a named user licencse, your license will be activated on any machine on which you are login into and that will be based on AD accounts not guest or local users.

Figure out how you bind your license

not possible. you’re right, robot is a user but not necessarily mapped to a machine.