How much time does it takes for your component to get published?


Hello People,

I just wanted to know how much does it takes for your component to get published?
I uploaded it almost 2 weeks ago on UiPath Go! and it is still in testing mode. (P.S. The worflow i submitted is not complex)

Thanks in Advance.

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Mine same problem bro!


Timelines defined for getting back to the author is within 10 days from the submission date ( depending on the complexity. The wait time before a component gets approved\published on Go! may vary as if additional details\fixes are required, the component will be Rejected with Needs Update and here depends on how quick the component will be fixed and resubmitted for review.


ok, lets see then!
thanks for info :slight_smile:


Now stuck on Testing and In review phsae :man_shrugging:


Mine Too in review.

I guess we are in the same batch :joy:
Its been 3 weeks now.


Hi everyone,

Indeed it can take up to several weeks before a component gets published on Go!, as it needs to undergo a series of tests, like content quality checks, security testing, functionality testing and so on. Every component submitted is being checked this way, no matter its complexity.
I am sorry you are experiencing a long wait and I thank you for your patience. We are doing our best to speed things up and publish your awesome work.
If you want, you can leave here the names of your components and I can check to see where exactly we are at with those.

Thanks much!


Hi @Andreea_Stroe

Thanks for the quick reply.
Its good to see that every component getting published goes through levels of scrutiny, and we get a quality output.
It is just that, we are not having a clear picture of what level my component has reached :smile:.
It would be great, if we can have a checklist/milestones of levels of the component reached. (Just a suggestion :thinking:)

Anyways! By that time we can design other components. :grinning:

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Hello @chandu4712,

The idea of having a checklist for authors to see the level their component has reached is pretty good, I will discuss it with my colleagues to see if/how it can be implemented. Thank you for this suggestion!