How much time does it take to run training pipeline in Movie Classification practice excercise of AI center course

Hi. I’m learning AI fabric from the AI center course from UiPath academy. As mentioned in practice excercise, I created a training dataset and just created the training pipeline. The status is “Packaging”

How much time does it take to complete this pipeline run? Did anyone completed the course already? If yes, can you please answer my question

@Forum_Staff @nisargkadam23
Do you have any idea about this?

Hi @AntonMcG - could you advise here?

@Pablito @AntonMcG
The pipeline took 124 minutes to finish. Today I’m creating ML skill and the status is “Deploying”. Once again, I want to know how much time it takes for this skill to deploy?

I feel that it’ll be good if we can get time remaining display in the AI center for pipeline runs and ML skills deployments. Because it’s difficult , if the wait time is unknown. It’s difficult to create an AI center project within given timeline if I’m not sure when my skill will be ready.