How many processes can be queued under a single unattended robot?

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I have a small query , how many maximum number of processes can be queued under a single unattended robot(Licensed) , using orchestrator , I mean can we schedule 24 processes each process taking 1 hour to complete for full day 24/7 ?

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yep. its unlimited. keep in mind that a bot can only run one process at a time.


Yes. Definitely!
That is the best way to get the most out of the robot. :slight_smile:

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You can queue any number of processes under one robot irrespective of its attended unattended type. Just make sure your tasks are queued in proper order of execution. It will then Automatically execute one after the other. Please note it can execute only one task at a time

Totally agree… i have tried it and tested it. Its the best and the most efficient and effective way

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Cost-efficient as well :rofl:

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Thanks for such quick reply . :slight_smile:

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