How many hours running

Is there any mechanism in Orchestrator to report on or display hours bot has ran today, this week, month, year?

Please check this one till end.
Hopefully it will helpful for you.

Hello @steve.walls

There is no separate mechanism as you expect. But @raja.arslankhan has shared the information about how to monitor with day frame and success count on process wise.

If you need more accurate i would suggest go with Elastic Search. That gives you the exact details you are looking.

Thanks for the responses.
I take it the answer then is no, there is nothing in Orchestrator to review this? We need to buy another product to prove the value of the product we already bought.

Both solutions above mention another product, Insight or Elastic Search.

You may check this post as a reference and build your own queries How to export old job details from the Orchestrator database? - #3 by marian.platonov

Hi Marian,
Thanks for the link to this post. Now is there a link somewhere that shows how to set up a connection to our Orchestrator DB?

Hi Marian,
I am confused as our orchestrator currently resides in
is this feature only available if you host your own server then?

If you have the cloud version, only the Insights feature will provide these details.

Thanks, all clear now.

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