A way to show how busy a bot is on orchestrator

Have several robots licenced in orchestrator and running daily. Would like to know how long each robot is running for per 24 hours - insights like that. Is that possible? I was sure in the old version of orchestrator it was but I’m not sure how to access it anymore.

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You’ll find that on the main services page at cloud.uipath.com. Here’s a screenshot for reference (I don’t have much activity on the Community edition).

Thank you Anthony!

I don’t think our orchestrator is connected to the cloud.uipath.com. Is there any other way to access? Thanks again.

I’m not sure how services work when it comes to enterprise editions, unfortunately.

No problem. Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

So I’ve come across the high level licence usage on the Licences page. It shows daily the number of licences being used. I’m wondering if there’s a way to see a breakdown, hour-by-hour, of when licences / robots are in use?


UiPath doesn’t have an hour-by-hour view of license use, but does show when processes are executed. A license could be in use even when a process isn’t running, however. For example, if someone is running tests in UiPath Studio on and off, the license is in use as long as it’s associated with the machine and the machine is turned on.

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I understand, thank you!

Is there a way to see a view on how often processes are run and how long they take? To understand robot usage that way?


Yes. If you go to the Jobs section of Orchestrator, you’ll see how long it took jobs to run.

It would be really helpful to have an detailed view of how busy a robot is. I am thinking of a chart showing the timeline and the start/stop of processes. With this information you can easily optimize usage and can justify if a additional licenses are needed.

We have Insights and were able to get this data by getting the RuntimeInSeconds for jobs. If you don’t have Insights, you might still be able to get this data from your Orchestrator database

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