How many Datatables in excel...?

how to find how many datatable’s are there in excel sheet.
if there is 2 to 3 different tables in sheet
can somebody please help…?

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Ravi Gupta.

Hi @ravi_gupta

Regarding excel data, you can extract data to UiPath data tables in any specific format you need irrespective of the number of rows and columns you have in the excel file. However, If i’m to make this more generic since you have 2 to 3 different tables in a sheet, we can consider each table as a data table separately.

Or else, if you are to consider the entire table as one data table, it will include all of it. I’m not sure what you data is and how they are formatted in the excel. So I believe when you say 2 to 3 tables in a sheet, I assume they are separate tables in the excel sheet. So we can have each of them in separate data tables if you wish. It all depends on how you want the data to be extracted from the excel…

Hope my idea is clear? Let me know if you have any further queries on this :slight_smile:

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yes i have 2 to 3 different datables in excel in single sheet is there any method to find out …!!!


You can use read range activity to read the data in the sheet. It also has a property to read only a specific range so that you can have multiple read range activities to read different tables in the same sheet

Hi @ravi_gupta
All table names are listed in the Name Box by default.

Click the drop down list arrow on the top left corner Name Box to display all table names in excel sheet. See screenshot:

Range is not fixed in the tables how specific range can be given in that situation…

to know the range of table,can you look the below link

If there are multiple tables in a sheet & want to extract data from each of these tables. But, we don’t know how many tables are available & what are the names they are given.

The ‘Get Table Range’ activity needs ‘Table Name’ as input. Considering the above scenario, how can we get the list of all the tables available in a worksheet?