How is your organization using RPA for approvals?

I’d like to know how other organizations are leveraging RPA to handle monetary approval processes such as purchase orders, cards, projects, etc. Are bots particularly good in this regard, or are there limitations that make them less than an ideal solution for this type of work? Please share your experiences using RPA in this realm.

Hi @rsore,

I don’t see any specific challenge wrt automating this with RPA.

You should be able to do this in an attended way or unattended way as well(depends on the requirement/resources available):
Attended way:

  1. Start the process
  2. Collect details, do processing
  3. Send mail to person with document details asking approvals

Unattended way:

  1. Use UiPath’s Action Center alongside to handle approvals to be able to automate end-end
  2. Create a process which includes action center activities
  3. As and when approval is required, task is created in action center, assigned to user asking for approval.
  4. Current process goes in suspended mode(and bot is released from current process and picks up another process) while task is still pending to be actioned by user
  5. As soon as task is approved by user, next available bot will pick up the suspended process, resume and continue with the flow.

For more details, refer below post(It has an overview and all the required links around Action Center documentation):

Hope this info helps.