How I can do extract a value of specific "GET FULL TEXT"?

Good afternoon guys, I hope that all of you stay safe in this time of quarantine. For other hand, currently I’m working in remote mode to my company. The reason of my question is, in this moment I need to extract a value to “GET FULL TEXT” activity, the value is to my “WHILE” activity, for put my range to my loop, but for example I did other way that is use a “DATA SCRAPING” activity and after of this I used a “DATA_TABLE.ROWS.COUNT” to extract size of my loop, but my manager say that I can use “FULL TEXT” activity, but this activity catch all the value, but I need only the number to my range. I don’t remember if some activity extract just a specific part to STRING, but if you all of you know other way say me please. Thank you


Hi @efrain.caceres

One possible solution for you could be:

  1. Take the Get (Full) Text (variable)
  2. Extract the number from the text-variable by using RegEx
  3. Use the Matches and then Extract the number

Example given in attached RegExTest.xaml (4.8 KB)

Best Regards,

Great, thank you, I don’t think in this option, I just thinking in “substring” but you are right.

Hi @efrain.caceres

You are welcome.
The substring could also work, but if you do not know how big your number is, then the RegEx should be more precise.
Using the string split I would perhaps do this:

  1. Assign string array: stringArray = fullText.Split(" ")
  2. Assign number: number = stringArray(0)

Whatever works :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

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