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I have extracted text from a website using the “get full text activity”.
I have created a variable with the text inside. The text is fairly long. “The contributions in respect of the transfer in have been saved asbatch number 46.You should now use Batch Data Input to post these to the memberconcerned and then use Allocate Contributions to post these contributionsto the members Investment History.” This process is working!

However this text comes for each costumer who goes through our system. So the text is the same, but the batch number within the text differs. I have tried the “matches” activity from RegexBuilder to get the batch number, but without any luck. It does not give me the correct output.

Instead of giving me the number i get “System.Linq.Enumerable+d__97`1[System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match]”

Can someone help me out?

HI @anon53238024

I think I replied to you on the other post… May be you have not seen it…

Anyway, This is how you should do it…
The IsMatch will give you that variable. What you have to do next is to use a For Each activity to loop through the variable data and get the output as follows…

Argument type of the for each activity is Object

Make sense?

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Yes. Thank you very much!

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