How get credentials works

Hi Everyone, I am new to Ui Path, I wanted to ask you all about get credential activity.

I have an Asset in orchestrator in which multiple bot credentials are stored, now i wanted to change the password for these bots one by one. For that i wanted to ask that when we use get credential activity will all the stored credential be fetch or will only one credential be fetched. Also to change all the credentials do i need to use for each activity and then place the get credential activity inside it.

One last question suppose i want to change credentials of a certain bot then then how can i get the credentials for that particular bot from all the credentials stored in the same Asset.

Hi @Rajnish_Pandey
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Get Credential activity will retrive the credential details of a particular asset which u are specifying in the activity

to change the credentail u can use set credential activity

To change all the credentails , u can retrive the assets name using orchestartor api which gives u asset details like name by which u can loop and inside the loop use set credential to change the password for the particular asset

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HI @NIVED_NAMBIAR but what if there are multiple bot credentials stored inside a single Asset then when we use the get credential will all the credentials be fetched or only a single credential be fetched according to the bot.

secondly when suppose if i want to change the credential of only one bot from among the many credentials that are stored in that single asset then how can i go about it?