How exactly can I make use of Export to Excel feature in UiPath Studio?

I was able to fetch the Excel, but I have no clue on how can I use it ? What problem is that trying to solve ? How to make best use of it.

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@bcorrea any idea on this ?

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@GSR, So you want to export information to Excel? If so you may want to use Write Range Activity.

Step 1: Get information from Excel using Read Range Activity. You will get information in form of DataTable
Step 2: Modify information in DataTable as needed.
Step 3: Export information to Excel using Write Range activity

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more detail on this.

Hey @Bhavik_Solanki , my question is about the following feature in UiPath Design Tab

Aha, That is something different. It is simply export of workflow. It is very helpful for complex workflow. It will give you handful information (including hierarchy) like variable, arguments, sub-workflow etc. So you don’t have to navigate to different workflow to get information rather you will get entire snapshot at one place.

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This will be good for at least 2 things in my opinion:

  1. Workflow documentation
  2. Share an workflow schema with other developers so they can share ideas or spot problems in a faster way
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