Cannot find UiPath.Excel.Activities.Business.ExportExcelToCsvX


I am trying to export an excel into a csv format but cannot find the package UiPath.Excel.Activities.Business.ExportExcelToCsvX in manage packages? I have used write to csv however I would like to use the UiPath.Excel.Activities.Business.ExportExcelToCsvX package in order to attempt preserving the format of the data. Does anyone know how to get this package?

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If you are using the latest studio version it would come by default under excel package
So make sure you have the excel package installed
Go to design tab → manage package and see whether UiPath.excel.activities is installed
If not search and install

Cheers. @E.T.S


Thank you for your reply!

I don’t seem to have that option:

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Hope u have excel package installed @E.T.S
Check under manage packages in design tab

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giving us:

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U can directly search in activity panel as Export to Csv if u have the excel package installed

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Found the activity thank you!

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When I am using the export to csv activity I am getting an error as I need to use the variable type ireadrangeref but I am using a read range activity before this which read an Excel file and outputs a datatable - unsure how to configure to get the irangeref variable?

can u share a screenshot of that error @E.T.S

can you try:

it has to be a range that looks something like this
either you can write your own or you can find with that plus symbol next to it

if you want to use the datatable as input you can use WRITE CSV FILE instead of EXPORT TO CSV

Cheers @E.T.S

That works perfectly thanks!

Perfect, so the topic can be closed
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