Send a table from excel in UiPath Studio to a table in UiPath Apps

Hi guys, i need send a table from excel in UiPath Studio to a table in UiPath Apps to be displayed in the UI. I tried using read range activity and saving the result in an out argument, but when i used that arguement in Apps (table control) and run the process that argument do not return any value en table.

Thanks in advance.


can we see how you are binding your values in that table please? Also you have a button to execute the process, so it will read the excel and then return the DataTable value


I tried to save the table that i read with read range activity in this out argument

I created the button to star the process loaded, and added the argument to the data source, but no one column or info load on the table after the process execution

I dont know if i am using the activities or argument on wrong way…


your button have the proper event to execute your process?

Yes, the button is configured.

And… When the execution finish, only display this.

can you create your columns please

go to your process, then click on output

then create your columns like this

and then pass the column value in each column of your table


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