My Level3 Assignment 2 is not being graded

I uploaded my files yestarday and it has not beend graded yet. It says that it should get a grade within minutes.
Is the server down or do I need to do something about it? I can’t upload a new file until this one has been graded.

Hello @lmarin
Please refer to this post:

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Hi @lmarin,
We checked it from our side and seems that everything is working ok. You shouldn’t have any problem with uploading the project and further checkup.

I will keep waiting for the exam to be graded.
When should I worry if it’s not being graded?

Could you please send me a private message with the email address which you are using in Academy?

I just send it. Thanks for your help.

Hi @Pablito, I’m having the same issue. I uploaded my Level 3 Assignment 2 over 12 hours ago but it still has not been graded. Is there anything I should be doing?

Hi @daveyjonezz,
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At the moment you just need to wait. I know that there is written that evaluation should take not much time. From couple last days I observed many topics related to same issue and all has been reported to proper team. Seems that there is something going on in the background and I can assure you that our team is working on it. Sorry for inconvenience.


I have the same problem, I submit my assignment one day ago and I am still waiting for the evaluation can you check is everything is ok?

Hey @Melissaporras

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I have seen few posts around this topic and looks like few are facing some delay in the evaluation. May be there is some maintenance or something going on. So for now, just give it some time May be till Monday…

Don’t worry, it will be resolved soon…

Hi @Melissaporras,
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Academy team has been informed and they are working on the solution. Please be careful and sorry for inconvenience.

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I am having the same issue.