Assignment 1-evaluation

Submitted Assignment 1 today morning(IST) but still it is showing as “Waiting for evaluation”
Task is working properly but every time getting failed i don’t know what is the reason
Could you please help me out .

i had taken video recording and uploaded to uipath academy still i am getting failed marks only
i have uploaded properly and i have reset all the data in acme browser as well before uploading

Additional info :i have raised issue in UI path support team as well, but didn’t get any update

Request #113736

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Naveen Ch

you should not reset data after you upload :roll_eyes:

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Before uploading I had reset the data and run that assignment 1 and uploaded bro

I’m facing the same issue. Workflow uploaded yesterday, but still “waiting for evaluation” status shown. Issue already logged. #113652

If its giving you ‘waiting for evaluation’ then please give it some time.
If issue is logged you will get your result.

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