How does Get Outlook Mail Message 'Top' property sorting works?

I am using Get Outlook Mail Message activity to retrieve the last sent email from ‘Sent Items’ using property Top ‘1’.


Tested on development environment and Robot retrieved Email 5 (last sent). However, in production environment with the same local date settings, Robot retrieves Email 3 (first email sent on the last minute).

Sent Email 5 at 13:01:55
Sent Email 4 at 13:01:30
Sent Email 3 at 13:01:02
Sent Email 2 at 13:00:20
Sent Email 1 at 12:59:30

Can I check what is the underlying logic used for Get Outlook Mail Message activity “Top” property? What criteria is the sort based on?

Hi @user_skbb

Just to have the full picture, could you let us know the version of your UiPath.Mail Activity package?