How do you check cloud robot RU consumption/usage

Is there a way to show the robot unit consumption/usage each month in the Orchestrator for my cloud robot license?


There is no direct way to get those details…

You can calculate them or create a dashboard to show them


Hello @Bearcats96

Hope you are looking for the Robot unit consumption in the serverless execution. if yes, Please check the below video, there you can understand the way of assigning robot units.


Thanks @Rahul_Unnikrishnan! I am actually looking for RU usage in the context of Cloud - VM execution.

@Anil_G Thanks for the info. I am looking for the RU consumption under my default “Balanced” machine profile. I have a standard VM size for 6000 RUs/month, I was hoping to see how many RUs I have used each month so I know if I need to reduce or increase the machine size upon the license renewal.


There is no direct way but yes you can try looking at the insights below…

Mostly that would be exposed in Insights …else we can get the information from api and need to create one dashboard for that


@Anil_G Does Insights require additional license?


Yes it does…and also depends on what kind of license you initially took. Few plans include it

Thanks @Anil_G

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