How Do You Check An Automation Result

Hello, asking not for technical thing but about how things going on UiPath. Been wondering if I post this to the wrong category, but can’t find a proper category for this.

Currently I am creating a workflow to read customers data (CSV) and entry every one of it to a CRM application. When doing a batch data (well it succeeded on only 100 rows of data), I’m wondering of these things, would anyone suggests on if it’s you what will you do?

How do we know if the result is correct?
Should I make the automation attended if possible, or should I make a human checking on the result, or should I make another automation to compare the data, or should I just trust it till it proves wrong (well)?

Any suggestion is very appreciated. Thank you.


Here on my company we work with many reports that we need to check and consolidate through automation. But how we have sure that is always correct? It’s simple: We made a key user to check the result until it get 100% accuracy. Also, we adapt the automation on any situation that it may face off.

If you are sure that you’re automation is good and do the right job, all you need to do is test and test and test until you have trust that will always work on that way!


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Hello @Lucas.Pimenta , thank you for sharing your experience.
It’s nice knowing how others implementing automation.
Seems like there is no other way than testing indeed. Thank you for sharing! :smiley:

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May be you can write one more automation script to compare output from both excel sheets… :slight_smile:

Hello @alk_kumar, thank you for your response.

It crossed my mind too, but was not sure is this the right way to the RPA (I am new to RPA and no one around me doing RPA).