How do we allow a bot and a user to concurrently edit excel file?

I have a scenario where the bot can edit excel when it is open by a user for editing.

The bot and user can only update different columns. I tried adding excel scope>write range> if the excel is open the bot cant access it.

is there a workaround for this?

@ANSHUL the bot acts as a person who’s trying to edit the file!!!

Let’s now ask the question, can two people edit the excel file simultaneously?

Hope this helps you with your query :slight_smile:

Yes 2 people are able to edit the excel simultaneously as the file is shared via Office 365.
How to allow bot to edit as well?

So the excel is web-based?

When two people are using the same file, they won’t be able to save it without affecting the other person’s work :slight_smile:

if they are changing different columns they can, if same cell then there will be a conflict shown. I want the bot to do the same?

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Not sure :frowning:

@ppr @aksh1yadav @Palaniyappan

Can you please help ?


are we trying to create a process to edit that excel being in a excel365 like a web application automation
Cheers @ANSHUL

So trying to create means, did u mean there will be another activity for this soon?

So currently Uipath doesn’t allow this work flow?

Same feeling. In Office online 365 World concurrent work is seen. Not with the plain apps. If online, 365 world tools are an Option then Check if eg a soltion can be setup along with onedrive. We do conncurrent editing via onedrive stored files

I am Back on a real keyboard :slight_smile:
We suffered from this Problem a few years back along with 15 People working concurrently on a file. In the past we didnt found a convincing solution and focused on short time merging (mostly manually later with ETL Tool. Strategy was to send isolated, unique edited packages to a merger end. But dreamed from better solution. Nowadays a saw a good progress on the online, 356, Ondrive functionalities, close to solve this.

I dont want to bore you with stories from the old time, but the task is not easy one, fully working out of the box by 24/7. However isolating the uniques and merging could be an approach. Are there any relationships between the entered columns e.g. formulas etc?

no relationship between the columns, they can be edited in Office 356 by 2 different users at a given time.

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I think what’s missing here is to make the O365, think the user is registered one and allow accessing it!!!

My questions are as follow:

  1. The bot is running on the system of registered userid of O365, who has that access
  2. You are doing front end automation?
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hi yes it is back end automation.
I figured out a way to use onedrive and the sync the office 365 excel from there.

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