Issue with Office 365 Scope

I have an issue where when I use two different robots to update the same excel file in Office 365 at the same time, nothing works. The request times out an I cant manually access the file for a few minutes. Is there any way around this? I don’t know if its because they are using the same user account to access. If this is the case then how do I give them different users and assign two users to the same office 365 environment.


When two robots tries to access a file at the same time, it is like 2 persons requesting an operation on a file at the same time. The unresponsiveness could be due to various reasons like the size of excel file, the hardware of the system, etc.

Is the excel worksheet shared? This article provides information on how to make a shared worksheet.

Also, it would be worth to try accessing this excel file manually by two persons at the same time and see what’s happening which could help you to narrow down the issue.