How do I visit each URL in a excel column?

I have scraped some URL’s onto a excel file.

Now, how could I iterate through each excel coulmn, and visit each URL?

Instead of scrap you can use read range activity to get all the record
Use open browser activity to open the each url.using the for each row activity

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Read the url column. iterate it using for each row activity, inside for each activity place open browser and pass u r item in url field.


@Sami_Syed Check attached file i hope its useful (12.5 KB)


Thank you so much!

I noticed you used the variable ‘dt’ for a data table. But I also noticed that a data table was never created?

Does a data table have to be created in order to use DataTable’s in the way you have in the attatched file?

My question is what’s the point of using excel application scope if right after we will be using a data table?

@Sami_Syed Data table is created in read range activity.

oh okay thanks!