New Filter DataTable activity - Filter based on age not working


I am trying to filter a data table based on the following logic: Developers or Software engineers under 30 years old.

The problem that I am encountering is the following: When filtering with the Filter Data Table activity, based on a string like “Developer” or “Software Engineer” it is working, but when I throw the age in, it is not filtering anything.

I am attaching the logic, if you could take a quick look. (270.1 KB)

Hi @bogdan.nastase,

I have done some changes with you xml. I think now it will work.

File : Main.xaml (10.5 KB)



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Thanks very much for the fast response! Really appreciate if!

I was testing out the Filter DataTable activity, I usually use the Select too. I know it it working well with the select.

Wondering if anyone could sort it out with this specific activity?


pls follow this,


Hi @bogdan.nastase,@balupad14

I want to filter data in excel,Bulk data is there
using if I tried but it will take around 10 min
can you suggest anything solution for this
New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (8.2 KB)

can you try for this & share xaml