How do i run my bot on different machines?


I have 3 processes.
Process A
Process B
Process C

I developed them on Machine 1.
I would like to run them on Machine 1, Machine 2, and Machine 3.

I don’t want to download studio on Machine 2 and 3.

Is it possible to only download assistant on machine 2 and 3? How do I connect everything? I’m stuck on robot and machine assignment.

Thanks in advance!!

Also: Can I use only 1 bot to do all this?


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Yes it is possible to install only robot in those machines

And run the robot we need to connect them to orchestrator and run the job in that robots

For connecting robot in orchestrator

Cheers @Aya_Bot

Is enterprise the one I need to pay for?

Take a look at my orch screen:


If you are using community edition it comes as a pack where it will be having all the components and we won’t be able to install robot alone

If you are having a enterprise license only then you can install robot alone

Cheers @Aya_Bot

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