How do i remove actions from the action center


I’m trying to understand document understanding and long running workflows, but now I have two completed classify actions in my action center, but that process is no longer running as I only added them. I was wondering how I can delete them. I cant seem to find it anywhere.
Thank you.

As of now, we don’t support for task deletion.
This is on our roadmap and this might be available in cloud sometime later this year.

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HI Paras,

Has the deletion feature been added yet to the cloud platform?


Hi Tarik,

The Action Delete feature is now in Alpha testing phase, it will be available on cloud by end of this month or early next month.


Hi Thank you for update - I appreciate, hopefully, i get an email as a customer when this is available

HI @Saurabh_Grover
Actions delete is deployed in community and prod Automation cloud last week.
A good place to check would be the release notes to know the latest features being published to Automation Cloud

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Thank you

Hi @nawaz,

When will this delete option be available for on-prem users? which version?

We are currently on version 20.10.9


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 ,

Action Delete feature is available in 2021.4 of Action Center. Checkout the documentation for more information on this release.


Thank you @nawaz for your reply.

That means it will be available in next LTS version 21.10 by end of this year.