Delete buggy actions not possible and always showing error message that is stressful

Today I started using Actions and somehow I might have created some issued actions.

But I cannot delete them and any time I come into action center I now get those big error message. How to get rid of these test actions maybe?

The error could also come because I deleted one time all Storage buckets. But anyway these needs to be solved now somehow, otherwhise the Action center is pretty broken for us.

Hi @kwoxer

Action Center team informed me that the fix for that is in the working and should become available sometime next week. You will then be able to simply delete those.

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Hi @kwoxer , we have delete actions single, bulk (from three dots menu) possible now in Automation cloud production including community accounts.


Cool, works.


And is the action catalog also cleaned, or just the action deleted?

Just the action will be deleted…Action catalog can be linked to multiple actions. We will expose Action Catalog deletion at later point in time for business admins as we do not expect that to be increasingly higher number as they are business categorizations.,

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Alright, makes sense. But maybe a button with select all would be good, not that I need it that often but in case you have accidentally created 100 it would be great :slight_smile:

Yes agreed. Multi select + delete exists., but in general select All will be added in few weeks.

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Btw something is buggy here. Look how many Tasks are Pending

but when I go ActionCenter I just have one


Just as info.