How do I make Uipath read consecutive data from each row?

For example, I would like to put the ‘‘Name’’ and ‘‘birthday month’’ on the practice website, by using ‘‘Type into’’ function.

However, I can only use one cell but not consecutively from the first row all the way down to the last row (Frank to Spencer). How do I make it happen?


The fastest and easiest way to work with Excel Data table such as this one is to used Datatable in Studio.

  • First, read your Excel Data with Read Range. That puts all your table in a datatable Variable
  • For Each row in this Datatable Variable, get the Name and type into the field you want

Here a screenshot of what it should look like :

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Hi APgnn,

Thanks for your assistance. However, I’m using StudioX so I don’t have READ RANGE. I tried Excel For Each Row but I don’t know where to put to make it work (I tried a few times but it still read the first row only).

Note: I would like to put 2 values on the online name generator and copy the generated name back to my excel sheet


Yes indeed the methodology is different in StudioX, but it is also much more easier !

You need to use indeed the Excel for Each row activity.

First “Use Excel File” Card, then drag & drop “For Each Row” card, then “Type into” activities

In your screen, You are not usine the For Each Row Card, that’s why it doesn’t loop for each row.

In the “Range” field click on the “+” in order to select the specified Range (here select the spreedsheet Sheet 1, with header)

See screen for a better understanding