How do I make my bot click +1 time on a button when it doesn't see a desired number combination?

The bot can see generated numbers on the website and it clicks a specific button when its sees 22,13 or 55, and when the bot doesn’t see any of these three numbers it clicks another button.
The only thing I need help with is that I want it to click +1 time every time the numbers are not 22, 13, 55

Example: Number 46 click One time on button, Number 10 click Two times on button, Number 92 click Three times on button, Number 22 Click One time on other button.



Use retry scope activity and in the condition check for 22 ,13 or 15 …so when condition fails it retries and so it clicks again else will move forward


Hi @Uri22

Can you try this-

Use a Click activity to click the button, the bot should click when it sees 22, 13 or 55, then use a Get Text activity to get the number from the website.

Drag and drop If activity to check if the number are 22, 13 or 55. If the number is 22, 13 or 55, use a Click activity to click the other button. If the number is not 22, 13 or 55, increment the variable that tracks the number of times the button should be clicked.
Finally use a While activity to keep looping until the number is 22, 13 or 55. Use a Click activity to click the button the number of times stored in the variable.


I have made the bot so it clicks a button when it doesn’t see any of the three numbers: 22, 13, 15. And I made it click another button when it doesn’t see any of these numbers. But I need help with this I want the bot to keep doing +1 on the clicks when it loses

I have configured the bot when it sees any of these three numbers (22, 13, 15), the input of the “assign” activity is LossCount=0. When it sees every other number then the three numbers, it’s LossCount=LossCount+1. I’m looking for a solution that if the bot lost 2x then 2 clicks, if lost 3x then 3 clicks. Maybe a condition would be ideal for this. Thanks.



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