Click button and choose number

Dear, I want to choose the number from this random list. Each time I click to the “Choose Number”, it will generate to a new number after 1 second.
Now I want to make automation to click and stop whenever the number appeared as I input before (about 10 number)
Please help me. thank so much

Hi @james_li
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Can u share the screenshot too if applicable?

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Sorry I forgot attach imageScreenshot_19

When need to stop it ?

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For example, I want to find the number 82290 or 88188

when It show the numbers which I want, 88188, 88588, 89998

Hi @james_li

Like u can try this way

U can put while ur sequence in while loop with condition as True

  1. Use click activitiy to click the choose number button

  2. After generating the number using get text extract the number and validate it with ur number ru need using if Condition

If the number is same u need then exit out of loop uianh break activitiy

Otherwise continue the loop


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Dear please help.
is this work flow correct?

Instaed of stop job use break activity

Can i had access to the website so that i can design the workflow?

Dear, please follow this link:
then you log in:
ID: nguyennhungnuce
pass: xaydung2295
this is the section

thank you so much for your help

Dear @NIVED_NAMBIAR please help me, I am a newbie.

the loop stops when get one of these number

Hi @james_li

Check this workflow (86.0 KB)
There is a input which takes the u need and check whether the number is getting
By looking at the workflow u ca get the logic of how to be done

Thanks for this question


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Hi @james_li did it worked ?

Thank you so much for your appreciate help. I ran it for 12 hours which appeared more than 4300 number but my wanted number was not appeared. I am not sure whether this workflow works or not

Hi @james_li

Did the number comes any time ?

Did u see ?

I input “89998” and let the computer run. Sometimes I come to check for a while but I did not see that number.

I think since the number is randomly generate so it may be the number will take some time to see again

As the workflow it was working fine actually for me


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