How do I make my Activities Panel look like the one in the "build your 1st Automation w StudioX" instruction video?

I just installed StudioX, and my activities panel does not have coloured panels unlike the instructor’s video, how do I my StudioX panel looking the same as the instructor’s?

This is what my panel looks like vs. what the instructor’s looks like, which is more colorful and friendly:


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May I know what version of StudioX are you using ? And also any idea what version the instructor is using in that video ?

check if your UiPath Studio is not in StudioX Mode and change the profile

Thanks for the prompt reply. I am not sure how to check my version? I just downloaded uipath studio today, so I assume it’s the latest.

As for the video instructor, it is from the standard uipath course avail on the site, they did not mention which version they are using.

Click on Home (when project is open) or just open UiPath
refer to left bottom corner:

Hi, my uipath version is StudioX 2021.10.5 as follows:

The instruction video I am looking at is from uipath academy, and the course is entitled “Build Your First Automation with StudioX,” and it seems the instructor’s version of StudioX looks different and more friendlier colorful than mine.

So I wonder where can I change the user interface?

Thanks again!

I have the same question in 2023?

I the UiPath preview trial different from the StudioX training view?

A few things:

1. UiPath changes A LOT, and as such, video content has hard time keeping up. A lot of the academy videos will be visually obsolete
2. I think StudioX faced some adoption resistance early on, so its interface is slowly evolving to be more and more like standard Studio (this is a good thing - if you learn how to use it from a good instructor like me, lol).
3. Ergo… I the colorful “application cards” view from that video is likely obsolete now.

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