Need help with Excel for StudioX

Hi There,

I am new to UiPath & don’t have any technical background.
Trying to follow video from UiPath academy, but the options do not match with the version I am using. Can someone who has insight help me here…


Can you show the screens, and what problem are you facing?


Hi @Srini84, I am trying to write cell. But do not see option as indicated in academy version. I am lost.


Hi @bini

Above screen which you show was the StudioX automation, but below screen you are trying is on Studio Pro.

So you need to change your profile to Pro-> StudioX

Follow the steps to change to StudioX from Pro

Once you select Studio X, It will restarts and you are fine to go

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Hi @Srini84,
Thanks for your help.
Now can see all respective options.


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Happy Learning

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