How do I iterate through a datagrid in an app using UI Studio

I have a Win32 application with a datagrid element that has a bunch of rows and columns. I need to iterate over all rows and extract certain values from various cells. I got most of it up and running, however I do not know how to get the variable reference of a For Each Row action that requires a DataTable type variable, to point to the actual Windows datagrid element. I used UI Explorer to fetch the element and have some XML code pointing to what I believe is the datagrid element, however I am not sure how to associate that XML for the Win32 element with a DataTable variable in UI Studio.

And yes - I did spend 2 hours trying to look through the documentation but I did not find anything useful that was not speaking to Excel integration which I am not doing here.

If you have successfully matched the Selector and scraped the right information out of your application’s structured data grid, all you need to is creating a new variable of type DataTable in Variables panel and put that in the ouput section of your Extract Structured Data activity’s properties side panel or simply hold Ctrl + K and type your new variable. Then, put that variable inside Input box of For Each Row activity.

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