Problem with clicking automation

So i have to click a button on this app and when i click this it opens a web page where i need to click another download, the first step is ok and it dosnt give me any problem, but in the second step i have a problem that everytime the softwa<re clicks download on the app it open the website that i chose in the “use application/browser” activity and not the one thats being opened when i click download


  1. Use Application/Browser activity inside first one and give it second window selector and make it dynamic by putting * and ?
  2. select its “open” property as Never open. By doing this it will work like attach browser.
    and inside this “Use Application/Browser” use one more click activity.
    It will work.

Hi @sar_sar

Please follow the below steps so that the browser opens only for once


Close - NAppCloseMode.Never
Input Mode - Simulate / Chromium API
Open - NAppOpenMode.IfNotOpen
Resize window - Anything is okay
Window attach mode - Single Window

Hope it works !!