How do I get a bucket ID to be able to upload files via API?

I’ve referenced the post below, but there is no mention of how to obtain the value to use for {key} in the call “/odata/Buckets({key})/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetWriteUri”. Is there a call that can be made to return the key based on the folder and storage bucket name?

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Assuming that you are working on Azure cloud, please try this API:


Make the necessary changes by replacing the relevant data. The response to this request will contain a list of containers in your storage account, including their IDs.

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We are not using Azure specifically in this instance. I am trying to get the Orchestrator ID for the storage bucket.


Yes you have a get buckets call…which would give you the key or unique identifier value for the bucket…get buckets can be filtered on bucket name to get the key…

Please check the swagger endpoint



Thank you, @Anil_G !

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