Create a new Bucket via API

I want to create a new Storage Bucket via API, using python, but I can’t find documentation on this topic.
Basically, I can’t find the documentation that talks about the parameters to be placed in the body.

url = ".../odata/Buckets"

headers = {"Content-Type": "application/json",
                   "Authorization": "Bearer xxxxxx",
                   "X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitID": "xxxxx"}

body = {"What are the parameters?"}}, ....)

Can anyone tell me the documentation or the parameters?
Notes: UiPath Orchestrator On-Premise and provider for Storage Buckets is Orchestrator.

Thanks in advance.

A couple suggestions on how you can discover what end points to call

  1. While using a Network/Traffic inspector of your browser, perform the actions in the WebUI and review the requests that are made to the API
  2. Review the Swagger documentation https://<orchestrator>/swagger/
  3. Review Orchestrator API documentation, they may have example in there Building API Requests
  4. Check out the UiPath Postman Collection for possible examples -

https://<orchestrator>/swagger/index.html#/Buckets/Buckets_Post provides the Model details and an example body payload.

Name*	string
maxLength: 128
Display name of the Bucket

Description	string
maxLength: 512
Description of the Bucket

Identifier*	string($uuid)
A stable unique identifier

StorageProvider	string
Provider Name.
Otherwise one of the supported providers:

Leave null for built-in Orchestrator host provider.
StorageParameters	string
Provider specific initalization parameters.
Use a $Password for where the password should be inserted.
Leave null for built-in Orchestrator host provider.

StorageContainer	string
Provider specific Container name (AWS, WASB).
Leave null for built-in Orchestrator host provider.

Options	string
Bucket options

Array [ None, ReadOnly, AuditReadAccess ]
CredentialStoreId	integer($int64)
Credential store used to keep the provider access password.
Leave null for built-in Orchestrator host provider.

Password	string
Provider specific password/secret.
It is inserted as a replacemnt of the $PAssword token in the StorageParameters.
Leave null for built-in Orchestrator host provider.

Id	integer($int64)

Thank you very much for your help.

De nada

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