How do I figure out how many rows exist in a windows application?


How would you guyrs retrieve the numbes of rows here? It’s a Windows application (.exe). Top shows inovice, and bottom shows the amount of invoices lines related to that specific invoice.

I want to make an automation that retrieve ALL the invoice lines of each Invoice. For the invoices I could use “extract table” but that does not work for the invoice lines itself.

How would you guys solve this?

Pics here:
UiExplorer: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Windows App: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hi @MDS,

Sharing my thoughts on your issue.

I would suggest use below steps in RE framework.

  1. Initialisation state - use extract table activity to extract all your invoice header information and store into a data table.

And also store this data table info in the work queue.

  1. Get transaction state- already RE have default logic to get one by one invoice transaction item.

  2. Process transaction state- get the important information of invoice header via transaction item from queue.

With the invoice header info use dynamic click activity by passing the dynamic selector using invoice number click the invoice header in ui to get the below invoice details and use those invoice details or line items for your further success flow.

Try to implement the above logic and share your thought on the above solution. Thanks



Thanks for the reply.

I made use of the click activity and after that made use “Find children” and then another for each. That did the trick.

I did this all without RE framework though. What benefits would I get from using that?

Also, any tips for speeding this up? 60 invoices takes 3 minutes to process, which is quite slow i think.

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